For Buyers

A business model for success

My business is built on the absolute satisfaction of my clients; most of whom are referred by past and present clients, family, friends, coworkers and business associates, both locally and nationally. Each client receives complete access to me and is encouraged to communicate with me via phone, email, or text messaging. My goal is simple: provide a seamless experience for clients in the search, negotiation and purchase of a new home. Throughout the process, Buyer clients will have a complete understanding of:

  • How real estate transactions work;
  • My role in providing excellent service and counsel as your exclusive representative;
  • Your role as Buyer and what it takes to prepare for the purchase of real estate;
  • How to manage each aspect of the real estate purchase process; and
  • How we work together as a team to meet your real estate goals.

Great Buyer agents do more than open doors and show homes. In fact, that is just a small portion of what goes on in the home-buying process. Behind every successful sale is a complete analysis of cities, neighborhoods and individual homes being considered. Each home buyer has individual tastes and needs. My counsel extends beyond simply opening doors. I advise clients on all aspects of home buying: from financing, what to look for in homes and neighborhoods, geographic considerations, zoning restrictions, resale considerations and more. So much more goes into the “behind the scenes” work that is not apparent at the outset. I am more than happy to sit down with you and talk about the market, your needs, or specific questions you may have.

Finally, great Buyer agents ensure that you are taken care of with constant communication, reinforcement of the positive and reminders of negatives or pitfalls to avoid. I never shy away from letting you know of potentially disadvantageous situations and will never push you to make decisions before you are ready.


Read through my referrals and you’ll get an overwhelming sense that I provide exceptional individual service to each client (I maintain an impeccable 5-star Zillow rating).  Read them all here.